About Us

How we started..

We started with a feeling that 'holidays' are much more than travelling from place 'A' to place 'B' and back. They are much more – a memorable experience – a bunch of happy moments – a feeling to be cherished – and much more..!

We have always believed that holidays are craved for much before they start and relished much after they end..! And thus, they should be made special in every which way possible.

         May it be teenagers wanting to have a holiday-break after exams,
OR    A newly married couple who have started imagining their honeymoon,
OR    A family looking for a casual outing with kids,
OR    A pair of love birds hunting for a 'happening' romance,
OR    Stressed out professionals longing to escape from office,
OR    Young hearts wanting ‘pocket-friendly’ back-packing vacations..

Hatke Holidays has something for everyone..!

And with this perspective in mind, Hatke Holidays was created. Created by a few young minds of some of the premier Management and Technology colleges of India, Hatke Holidays is a passionate effort to offer 'young' holidays to the ‘young’…Created to offering you experiences and moments to relax, refresh and remember…And we made ourselves in a way that you just need to think of your holiday...Rest everything..."We'll Take Care"...thus forming our tagline too..!

Making our Company and holidays look ‘young’ has been a constant effort till date and shall remain our philosophy in days to come. We look forward to bringing that vibrant, charming, cheerful, fun-filled, happy all what we call 'The Cherry Moments' to you while you holiday with us – making you feel 'young' at any age of life…!

You will definitely enjoy surfing through our - what we call - the Traveller Friendly Website because we believe your holiday fun should start not when your actual journey starts, but much before that - the moment you log-in to our website!

So go ahead – plan your holiday – and let the fun begin!

Wishing you Happy Holidays with Hatke Holidays..!

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